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 The Good Move, LLC is a locally-owned and operated, full-service moving company.  We offer moving and packing services of almost all types and kinds, and are willing to cater to almost every possible moving need you may have.  


The compnay is run by Brian Richards and his wife, Ashley Neumann. Brian was raised in Louisville, Colorado.  He went to Monarch and graduated from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business right here in Boulder.  It was at CU where he met Michigan-native, Ashley and together , in 2013, they founded The Good Move.


A fire that destroyed his college apartment made Brian truly appreciate the meaning and value of one’s possessions.  Looking to give back to the community that gave him so much, Brian and Ashley founded The Good Move on the idea that they could take the stress out of an extremely unpleasant, but often necessary task.  Thier timing couldn’t have been better.  Not more than a month after the company started, tragedy hit Boulder County.  The flood of September 2013 hit this community hard.  Countless homes were destroyed, basements flooded, and people’s lives turned upside down.  Brian and Ashley saw the opportunity for The Good Move, even at it’s young age, to step up and help.  The Good Move spent weeks moving people's furniture and other items from their homes to offsite storage, aiding in relocation, and removing damaged building materials and possessions from people’s homes and taking whatever was not salvageable to the dump.   The Good Move contues to work with Boulder County Flood Relief in thier renovation and relocation of Boulder residents still dealing with flood damage.  Recently we saw the opportunity to help again when a local skier was severely injured in a ski accident leaving her dissabled and unable to pack or move. We were able to get her moved into her new residence at no cost where she will be able to live with someone that is able to assist her until she is fully recovered.


The Good Move has grown from one employee to six, Ashley handles the day to day office and scheduling, while Brian provides the msucle.  We care deeply about the community and are invested in providing quality service to our neighbors.  The Good Move continues to go above and beyond the average moving company.  We understand that when people hire movers they are trusting them to safely move all thier possessions.  We understand how much those things mean to people, and we don’t take that for granted. Next time you’re in need of moving services, call The Good Move.  Even in         .                                                                                  our short time as a moving company, we have built a reputation for providing quality moves, going above        .                                                                                  and beyond our customer’s expectations to ensure that their moves are as stress-free and pleasant as         ,                                                                                  possible!  


.                                                                                   Give us a call today, we're here to answer any of your qeustions!