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By allmostther, Aug 7 2017 03:09AM

I am so proud to announce that today is the fourth anniversray of The Good Move, LLC !!!!

I remember starting up The Good Move in 2013 in the painfully hot summer. This was only one month before the devastating floods of Septenber 2013. During this time we were only getting 3-4 moves a month. We fequently took damaged furniture, carpet, and debris from flood victims' homes in Boulder, Gold Hill, Four Mile Canyon, Lyons, Nederland, SUnshine Canyon, and surrouding affected areas. We took these items to the dump, and we even did it for free sometimes. We now are so proud and take a lot of pride in doing 3-4 moves a day!!

I want to thank everyone who have supported us in our great community. We have wonderful clients; some of whom we have worked with just once, whereas other loyal clients have moved frequently and call us year after year (now for the fourth time in as many years!!).

I especially want to thank my amazing crew, the support of my friends, my family, and my mentors. You have made my small business dream possible! I am so appreciative and thanful for your continued advice, business, and support.


Brian Richards, Owner

The Good Move, LLC

By allmostther, May 9 2017 12:15PM

Boulder Couty Flood Recovery was set up after the devasating fllods of 2013 that ripped through Boulder County. Because they need to get grants from the government to be able to fund the moving, storing, demolition and rebuiding of clients homes that were affected.

This is still going on and taking a while to get everyone in low income housing a new home. We continue to work with the City in helping relocate these people affected by the floods while their new homes are being built. Some poeple are in temporary living for 2-4 months while all their belingings are in storage.

We have been helping move about 2 families a month while this process continues. First to storage so their home can be demoloished and rebuilt, and then again back into their new home. It is a long process and an obvious inconveinent one. 4 years later and these people are still living in water damaged homes with other possible health concerns because the funding is just not there.

We are helping everyone as muvh as we can!

By allmostther, Apr 27 2017 12:54PM

This week we were able to help a local skiier who was involved in a very bad skiing accident and unable to pack or move herself. As both a skiier and having a strong understanding of Tramatic Brain Injuries; and with The Good Moves history of helping those in need in emergency situations such as the floods and fires of Boulder County over the past 4 years I know that this was the only thing to do in this situation to help someone that could not of done it without us.

By allmostther, Apr 14 2017 12:20AM

After being nominated for best movers in Boulder County the results are in and we have won third place! Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the yers and voted for us. We are very excited and happy with taking home the bronze medal behind two very large and excellent businesses. Even with only two trucks and six employees our work speaks for itself and we couldn't be happier that we were recognied for the incredibly hard work we put in every day. #Thegoodmove #Movehappy #moving #goodmove

By allmostther, Apr 11 2017 10:52PM

Moving is extremely stressful, incredibly time consuming, and usually just the worst. You think it’s not going to be so bad. You plan to plan ahead and prep and you try to make it smooth as possible. You plan to pack boxes, have miscellaneous items ready, but it never happens like that.

May move your lucky enough to have an elevator in your building. Nice! Until you realize two other people are moving in as well. You ride up to the 3rd floor for the 10th straighti time; inevitably you grab a box loaded with all of your dishwater and items that should have been marked “Fragile/Glass” and your tape job will prove to be amateur, the bottom of your box breaks out and all of your nicest dish set will smash into a million pieces. Glass will be everywhere and you will have to clean it up.

So, again let me remind you: moving sucks. Skip the headache and call the pros at The Good Move, LLC. Sit back, relax, and don’t move a muscle, because moving sucks.

#thegoodmove #movehappy

#bouldermoving #foreverbuffs #moving #colorado #stressfreemoves #localbusiness

By allmostther, Apr 11 2017 10:50PM

We did a local move last September and Judy had a great eperience and some things she recently said, "The Good Move did a great job for us last September on a super local move (Superior to Superior). I did box everything up for the move, but the movers were pros at loading/unloading and were able to handle getting a heavy treadmill to it's new location in a basement room (which is now a mini-gym). They've gotten other recommendations online before - so feel free to search "The Good Move" to pull up others."

By allmostther, Mar 24 2017 01:56PM

We start early in the morning for most moves and lateyl it has been 30-40 walking out the door and within a couple hours its 60-70 these last couple weeks. Chilly in the morning but great by the afternoon. I love this crazy Colorado weather.

It even started years ago with a giant flood in 2013, then extreme fires over last few years, and now just this last weekend another fire up Sunshine Canyone; and we are still helping people from the 2013 floods that were so badly affected by mold and other issues than just water.


By allmostther, Mar 16 2017 03:07AM

Today we staged another home for our friends @hbhomestaging. Love doing moves for Sarah and Lara.


By allmostther, Mar 15 2017 02:00AM

We are happy tp partner with a couple new clients in the boulder area as the year starts to pick up.

By allmostther, Mar 1 2017 04:41AM

We at The Good Move are so appreciative and thankful for all our clients who have shown us constant support. You always say nice things and refer us to your friends, family, and just people that ask on social media.

We would like to offer a 10% discount to anyone who moves by the end of the month. This might be madness but it is March. for free estimates.

#thegoodmove #goodmove #movehappy #bouldermoving #foreverbuffs #moving #Colorado #stressfreemoves #localbusiness #marchmadness

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