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Boulder County Flood Recovery

Boulder Couty Flood Recovery was set up after the devasating fllods of 2013 that ripped through Boulder County. Because they need to get grants from the government to be able to fund the moving, storing, demolition and rebuiding of clients homes that were affected.

This is still going on and taking a while to get everyone in low income housing a new home. We continue to work with the City in helping relocate these people affected by the floods while their new homes are being built. Some poeple are in temporary living for 2-4 months while all their belingings are in storage.

We have been helping move about 2 families a month while this process continues. First to storage so their home can be demoloished and rebuilt, and then again back into their new home. It is a long process and an obvious inconveinent one. 4 years later and these people are still living in water damaged homes with other possible health concerns because the funding is just not there.

We are helping everyone as muvh as we can!

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