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Why Hire The Good Move? Because Going Above And Beyond Is What We Do!!

- We are here to help you beyond just moving your belongings.

- We provide free dissasembly/reasembly of furniture, bunk beds, trampolines, sheds, and shelving units.

- It is common you will find that you have extra items that you do not need or thought you had as well as non-   parishable food items that we would behappy to take to Goodwill. ARC, or Sister Carmen for their annual food drive.While we are moving you we cab  take your donations or extra not needed items away for you to either Goodwill or the Dump.

- THE GOOD MOVERS are Professionals, Licensed, and Insured; so just sit back and let us do the heavy lifting.-

- Packing and moving items whether in our truck, a POD for long distance moves, or a truck of your own;  is a service we provide daily and would be happy to assist you by  properly and safely packing  your belonging.