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Moving is Painful, Stressful, Overwhelming, and Sucks!

Moving is extremely stressful, incredibly time consuming, and usually just the worst. You think it’s not going to be so bad. You plan to plan ahead and prep and you try to make it smooth as possible. You plan to pack boxes, have miscellaneous items ready, but it never happens like that.

May move your lucky enough to have an elevator in your building. Nice! Until you realize two other people are moving in as well. You ride up to the 3rd floor for the 10th straighti time; inevitably you grab a box loaded with all of your dishwater and items that should have been marked “Fragile/Glass” and your tape job will prove to be amateur, the bottom of your box breaks out and all of your nicest dish set will smash into a million pieces. Glass will be everywhere and you will have to clean it up.

So, again let me remind you: moving sucks. Skip the headache and call the pros at The Good Move, LLC. Sit back, relax, and don’t move a muscle, because moving sucks.

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